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Moulin Rouge! The Musical - Truth - Beauty - Freedom - Love

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Friday, 12 November 2021

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Sunday, 28 January 2024

Running time
2 hours 45 minutes (incl. interval)

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Welcome to Moulin Rouge! The Musical. This fantastic extravaganza of a jukebox musical is set to grace the West End's magnificent Piccadilly theatre with its extraordinary presence. Everyone who loved the 2001 musical movie is bursting with enthusiasm for this unusual musical version, which combines some of the most popular chart hits of the past 40 years or more – including loads of contemporary jewels – into a show that sees audiences singing along joyfully. The musical proved a smash in Boston, USA, then thrilled Broadway, and now it's due in theatreland. Welcome to the stage version of Baz Luhrmann’s fabulous Academy Award-winning musical movie, which brings to life the sweeping sophistication of late 1800s Paris and reveals the goings-on at the world's most infamous dance hall, the Moulin Rouge itself.

You're going to adore the sweet, funny, intense story of the ambitious yet lovesick young English composer Christian and the object of his desires, the beautiful chanteuse and Can-Can dancer Satine whose troubled love story unfolds against a backdrop of Parisian sophistication. But the music is the biggest star of the show, a dazzling compendium of more than sixty massive chart hits from people like Whitney Houston, Sting, Gnarles Barkley, Edith Piaf, The White Stripes, The Eurythmics, Lady Gaga and more. You'll sing along to Because We Can by Fatboy Slim, Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira, So Fresh, So Clean by OutKast, Money by The Trashmen, and a host more songs, all cleverly combined to drive this exceptional story along. It's big, it's beautiful, and it's wonderfully romantic!

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Young Couples:

Really entertaining
An entertaining show. With good pace to the story. Some humour and great songs that were part of the story and not just there for the sake of it. We really enjoyed the show and the visual spectacle.
Claire, 29 Sep 2023
Brilliant amazing show we were blown away
This show from start to finish is brilliant you cannot complain about anything. The whole cast were amazing especially the leads. Fantastic voices music great. A fantastic show to see. Our sets were very good could see everything from them.
Elisabeth, 26 Sep 2023
Fabulous Musical
What a fabulous way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. We loved the show, the singing, dancing costumes and the story. It was all fabulous.
Vanessa, 24 Sep 2023
A treat for the heart, eyes and ears
A joy, an escape from reality, it makes you want to get up dance and sing. Recommended 100%.
Malcolm, 24 Sep 2023
This show is my favourite in 2023…. The songs, performance…. The vibes…. Unbelievable
Walid, 23 Sep 2023
Awesome show !
This was our second show in London after Frozen. This one raised the bar even more. Absolutely amazing, well worth the cost.
Julien, 21 Sep 2023
Outstanding, relatable and fun.
From the moment we ‘stumbled’ into the Whispering Angel bar, had our tickets checked and were shown to our seats through the secret bar, our evening continued to impress us.
Amanda, 20 Sep 2023
Too less 'moulin rouge' show dancing
Too less show and dancing in order to do justice to the title
Sandra, 18 Sep 2023
Great fun
A delightful version of the movie, great musical ideas, colorful scenes packed with skilled dancers performing uptempo numbers. Our party of three left the theatre singing and shining. Well done, really
Ullrich, 16 Sep 2023
Great all round. The entire audience were on their feet at the end
JONATHAN, 12 Sep 2023
Powerful funny and imaginative modernisation of a classic Well done
matthew, 12 Sep 2023
A spectacle
Spectacular show, great scenery devices. Vet powerful vocal performances especially the male and female lead. She in particular sent a chill down my spine for her rendition of firework by Katy Perry.
Daniel, 10 Sep 2023
Brilliant show. Loved the modern songs.
Julie, 09 Sep 2023
Slightly disappointed
The voices were good, particularly the two leads. Costumes and sets were also good, but the overall presentation/narrative was a bit messy and the acting in some parts was a bit wooden. This may have been because the story was largely told through a pastiche of songs, so the pace and reliance on the spoken narrative kept on changing and at times became a bit disjointed.
Rajeev, 07 Sep 2023
Very good exerlant
The only thing I would criticise we were in the grand circle the seats were most uncomfortable. I was not the only person who was complaining about them . Not enough room I am only 5ft 4inch and not big . I pity a larger person. The show was fantastic could not fault it highly recommend to my friends .
Arthur, 07 Sep 2023
Fabulous! Outstanding quality.
The whole performance was great. The music was wonderful, the cast were extremely accomplished, in all areas - acting, singing, dancing. The set and costumes were fab. It was just totally enjoyable!
Cassie, 31 Aug 2023
The theatre staff were efficient in sorting out the queues and the musical was absolutely fantastic. Great music and story. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend. Left with a really feel good atmosphere
Diana, 30 Aug 2023
Best Musical by far ..
We have seen a large number of musicals and tonight’s performance ‘Moulin Rouge’ was by far one of the best musicals we have seen! The music from the beginning was excellent - no wonder the audience was told not to sing along until the encore!! The two leads were phenomenal followed closely by the two aspiring song writers. The storyline was full and altered just enough to make the whole performance so good and believable with so many songs! Our seats N1&2 were excellent for seeing everything . Highly recommend musical and seats!
Susan, 26 Aug 2023
Absolutely fantastic
But would hate to be in those front booths terrible seats
jane, 23 Aug 2023
Great, a must see.
Terrific show, visually superb.
Terence, 23 Aug 2023
A theatre extraviganza
fabulous show with great singing and a really interesting interpretation on the original with new songs included. Arrive really early as both google maps and apple maps took us to a separate location. We are not first timers but this did throw us off
Gavin, 23 Aug 2023
Spectacular and vibrant
I enjoyed the atmosphere and how the actors engaged with the audience. I was expecting all the modern music but it gave a different interpretation and appreciated the way it was presented. Worth going to.
Marguerite, 22 Aug 2023
Amazing 🙏
Amazing and exceptionel Sound and LIGHT🙏Thanks to Sound and LIGHT guys🙏 The guy who played “Christian” was fantastic,Thanks for that Sorry the whole cast was fantastic Hope to come back to see the show again Best regards Tommy
Tommy, 20 Aug 2023
Beautiful show, a must seen in the westend. Beauty and freedom
I recommend you the show. A spectacular show full of rhythm and spectacular stage. The show you cannot miss in the westend
Lorena, 18 Aug 2023
A fantastic show in every way. *****
Marian, 17 Aug 2023
Fantastic sets, dance moves, music and story
Loved, loved it.
Jane, 17 Aug 2023
Absolutely fantastic
Was a really great place great service and a really great experience
Janice, 15 Aug 2023
Easy to follow storyline and very entertaining.
Went with another couple and we all enjoyed the show. A little risqué but that's to be expected.Great music and good acting. I would say it's not suitable for children.
Diana, 14 Aug 2023
Best show I’ve ever seen
Moulin Rouge exceeded my expectations- the cast were believable and so obviously, unbelievably talented. I was totally lost and invested in the show. With the exceptional vocals - the the film not forgotten but with a fresh new vibe jam packed with even more familiar songs. Funny, sad, vibrant. A total immersive show, where it felt like, at times, I was actually at the Moulin Rouge. I will be back to watch again.
Emma, 13 Aug 2023
It’s very colourful wonderful lighting display, good voices, nice costumes, great songs, as a whole Fabulous.
Sonia, 10 Aug 2023
Nice but not faithful to the movie
Many things have changed from the movie. This is not a show for people who expect to see the same songs as in the movie. Some classic songs have been removed, as well as key scenes from the movie. The actors and singers are still very good.
Marion, 08 Aug 2023
It’s a must to see it. Wonderful show
Desislava, 08 Aug 2023
Amazing show!
This was a fantastic show. The singing was superb! Loved the music & costumes. Stage settings were beautiful
Cheryl, 07 Aug 2023
Epic performance
This is by far the best show we have ever seen. It was amazing from beginning to end with a great moving story. You felt part of the cast like you knew them. The cast done a brilliant job and were so polished in their performance. 10 out of 10.
Nick, 06 Aug 2023
A Feast for all your senses.
Fantastic show a wonderful theatrical spectacle. Visually stunning with a brilliant cast and soundtrack. A totally immersive and exhilarating experience
Keenan, 04 Aug 2023
Fantastic musical story told with the great choice of music & lyrics. Everything was perfect. Would recommend to everyone. Loved this show,
Carol, 02 Aug 2023
Must see
This is one of the best musical I have ever seen. I love how the music was updated and modernized, the acting skills and the vocals are excellent and the chemistry among the main characters is palpable. This show is flamboyant, pleasantly over the top and an amazing adaptation of an already beautiful movie production. I already saw this musical twice and every time it’s like a new show.
Monica, 02 Aug 2023
Remembering Paris Show, beautiful !!
The only thing I dislike was not to have at least one picture.
Ana, 26 Jul 2023
fantastic production
Absolutely fantastic production ! Phenomenal acting all round - songs were amazing and very cleverly put together - totally awesome!!!
SHAMEEM, 25 Jul 2023
Had fun singing along and watching all the great dancing
Kevin, 22 Jul 2023
Staff behavior Seat
The show star on time . Some of the staff didn’t allocate the seat for the performance. Just say “ is the other side “ . In general for the first time I sow show was great 👍.
Vitor, 22 Jul 2023
Absolutely blown away by this production. I have been to loads of musicals and have to say this was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Brilliant
Joanne, 20 Jul 2023
Amazing, A must see show
Booked and chose seats with Boxoffice for my wife's birthday. Fantastic show with amazing lighting effects and musicality,a must see
Michael, 18 Jul 2023
Hugely entertaining
Outstanding energy from the minute it starts .Fabulous music …I loved it
Margaret, 11 Jul 2023
Must see
What a fantastic show every bit was amazing definitely worth the money and would go and see it again
Munevver, 09 Jul 2023
The best show in London
It was fantastic!
Dania, 08 Jul 2023
Exelent, good songs, acting perfect
shuki, 08 Jul 2023
The show is a spectacle. Talented cast, amazing costumes and stunning set. The entire theatre felt like a nightclub! 10/10
Catherine, 04 Jul 2023
I liked the pre show show, lighting, costumes as me the mud was amazing!
Kathryn, 03 Jul 2023
Fabulous from beginning to end…wished it didn’t have to!
The size of the theater makes it feel like you’re part of the action. Go sit down at least 10-15 minutes before start especially if you’re up front….no spoilers but really great! Singing and dancing were fantastic. All around it was 10/10.
Shannan, 29 Jun 2023
Unforgettable Experience
A magic fusion of art, music and dance that will make your heart sing.
Fabiana, 29 Jun 2023
Excellent play!
Outstanding performance and music! Excellent actors
Ruth, 28 Jun 2023
The whole experience was enthralling . We knew the story but there was new songs and twists on how to portray it on stage it was fantastic , well acted and moving
Judith, 27 Jun 2023
This has got to be the best show I have ever watched live, I was surprised at how emotional I felt at the end, Iit was overwhelming. Congratulations to all who were involved in bringing this show to the stage, you are amazing.
Jennifer, 24 Jun 2023
Visual and musical masterpiece.
A fabulous visual experience accompanied by a wonderful variety of songs and exceptional dancing. We thoroughly enjoyed moulin rouge and would highly recommend this show for an evening of non stop entertainment.
Ian, 23 Jun 2023
Chaotic carnage but oh so sexy
Electrifyingly good !
jane, 22 Jun 2023
Great show
Really enjoyed the show.. would recommend it to anyone
Ian, 21 Jun 2023
Absolutely outstanding
My 3 sisters and I met in London to see this show and we’ve been back twice and the third time there were 4 extra people wit us. We travelled from Ireland. This show is excellent and an amazing experience!!! I would nightly recommend seeing this, the talent astounds me. We’ll be back again, without doubt. It was absolutely spectacular ❤️
Mandy, 21 Jun 2023
Це було дивовижнє шоу !! Дуже енергійне та з талановитими акторами! Рекомендую обов'язково!!
Vadym, 20 Jun 2023
Excellent production
Just superb
Michael, 10 Jun 2023
Absolutely Amazing Show with talented actors
The scenery was stunning - really fed that you were in the setting! loved every minute of it and would definately recommend it. Only problem is the lack of female toilets and the queues although a friendly member of staff directed us to the ones on the ground floor.
Tracey, 07 Jun 2023
A musical experience like no other
I've watched so many musicals and this was The One musical that really kept me smiling and in complete awe throughout - of everything! The music that got you grooving to the beats, the amazing vocals, the costumes/lights/stage design are an explosion of colour. Moulin Rouge is a Must See!
Jayne, 02 Jun 2023
Top Show
This is the best show we have witnessed, the cast and crew were 100% perfect. Well done to everyone involved in the show.
Alan, 31 May 2023
Wow! Such energy!
We thoroughly enjoyed the show. There was great commitment, energy and enthusiasm from all involved. We loved the orchestration and the performance of the band. Brilliant evening. Thankyou
Michael, 30 May 2023
Well done!!
Music was contemporary and well done. Great singing. My friend loved Christian.
Edward, 29 May 2023
Outstanding show!
Fabulous show, stunning sets, costumes, dancing, acting - all brilliant.
Susan Farmer, 29 May 2023
Just wonderful
A great experience - excellent talent and energy well worth seeing!!
Sharon and Mark, 23 May 2023
Absolutely Amazing
I have seen a lot of musicals and shows but I have never seen anything like this before! Spectacular! Go see it….you won’t be disappointed
Lin, 20 May 2023
Fantastic Evening
Throughly enjoyable show. Very clever how the lyrics were sourced. Very Queen, ABBA etc. Great evening.
John, 18 May 2023
Bad Seats
Because I had a large man sitting in front of me it was uncomfortable to watch properly as the seats are way too close and straight ahead of each other.
Mervat, 17 May 2023
Fantastic from start to finish
Tracy, 13 May 2023
Worth seeing
The show was very enjoyable from start to finish cannot praise it highly enough. It was funny in parts, emotional and the music was great. Well worth seeing. However I do not think it is suitable for children.
Carol, 11 May 2023
Excellent show, actors / acting brilliant
John, 10 May 2023
Best musical in London
Everything from the sets to the performances were excellent
WILLIAM JOHN, 09 May 2023
Was chilly so take a cardigan
Jacqueline, 07 May 2023
Worth it.
the music is updated with recent songs and still very good. the sets were amazing and Christian gave us goosebumps! worth every pound!
Suraidah, 06 May 2023
Costumes and ladies immodest. Not for youth.
I thought everything was excellent except for the ladies were way under dressed. Their dance positions very revealing.vthere is no need for that, really.
Teri, 05 May 2023
Worldclass !
Absolutely Worldclass !
Stefan, 29 Apr 2023
Was engaging from start to finish would watch again
Alisa, 27 Apr 2023
Great music! Great arrangement! Great atmosphere! No wonder it was packed!
David, 25 Apr 2023
After a disappointing start due to a technical problem the show commenced with probably the most spectacular starting sequence I have seen. Costumes and production is excellent, gives a real decadent feel at times with a story that runs at pace with familiar music interwoven throughout. Prepare to enjoy the finale on your feet. Would recommend a night at the Moulin Rouge to all!
Russell, 24 Apr 2023
Spectacular, saucy, sincere and fun 🤩
Brilliant cast! Particularly loved Jamie Muscato as Christian and Ian Carlyle as Toulouse-Lautrec - both had such wonderful voices. The fabulous burlesque costumes suited the cast and they all looked hot! I’d say it’s not really suitable for children or younger teens as the opening is very overtly sexy. I loved the show - it was engaging, beautifully acted and sung - a stunning and spectacular production.
Tara, 14 Apr 2023
Absolutely stunning
Great seats, great venue & it was a stunningly brilliant, vibrant, rollercoaster of an amazingly great show! We are definitely going to come back!
Rupert, 12 Apr 2023
Amazing from start to finish
Absolutely loved the whole thing, fabulous set, acting, singing and story. An amazing afternoon spent
RACHAEL, 08 Apr 2023
Superb musical!
Probably the best musical I’ve seen - & I’ve seen quite a few! Stunning costumes & scenery - especially the Eiffel Tower piece & the high ribbon acrobatics! Superb songs & dancing from start to finish & most definitely a star in Jamie Muscato playing Christian with a phenomenal voice !
Ann, 08 Apr 2023
A great feel good show
Full of fun and colour. Super set. Fabulous singing and tunes we all know and love. Great music. I would have loved to see the band but they were hidden away. We sat in the Royal Circle, centre row D and we had an excellent view. In our row we were able to take a drink from the bar, in a glass rather than a plastic one! We loved that!! I so enjoyed having nothing to think about but be absorbed by the sheer feel good factor and spectacle of the show.
Helen, 07 Apr 2023
fast moving feast for the eyes and ears.grand circle seats have a good view but limited legroom for taller people.Overall a great night out
Julie, 06 Apr 2023
it's a slow build up 10 mins before show starts cast members slow walk around around stage showing jaw dropping figures/costumes I wasn't really into the story line but the stage sets / dancing to each song STUNNING
david, 01 Apr 2023
Words aren’t enough to describe how utterly mesmerizing this was
I wish I could describe in words how utterly mesmerizing this was. I’ve been to many shows around the world, concerts with the latest tech… I am astounded by such experience. Everyone needs to see this beauty. I’ve never thought a show can be a million times better than the movie in every aspect. The music, the lightning, the acting, EVERYTHING. I almost cried like 10 times of how the music moved me. I will be coming back again. This is the peak of human performance.
Aaron, 25 Mar 2023
Love every moment great madh ups of classic songs with a twist. Set and costumes were out of this world, so much attention detail.
Shirley, 23 Mar 2023
Vibrant! Was 'evacuating' the theatre at end genuine??
The show was great. What happened afterwards, not so much. It was a matinee performance. I had not used to ladies during the interval, and was counting on doing so at the end, but suddenly once the show was finished,they "evacuated" the theatre. We felt sure it was because there was going to be an evening performance and they just wanted everyone out. I was prevented from using the loo and there was an argument with a front of house member, which got very out of hand. I would love to know whether this was a real emergency. I think not. Does it happen every matinee?
Julia, 23 Mar 2023
Fabulous show!
Moulin Rouge us sure to appeal to everybody. It's highly charged with fabulous singing and dance routines with just enough romantic love songs to tug at the heart strings. I loved all the songs chosen. The acting was superb!
Julie, 22 Mar 2023
Fun.. A must see.
A great show. Funny, great music, great acting, made a great night out.
Lynn, 20 Mar 2023
Amazing evening
Wonderful show, great music, fantastic acting and singing and the theatre had a magical setting, thoroughly enjoyed every moment
Geraldine, 17 Mar 2023
Very well staged
Great ambience to the theatre and a mesmerising start. Well sung and acted gave the story a lot of engagement with the audience. A sad ending but the encore means you leave with a high and with a great audience buzz!
Adrian, 08 Mar 2023
Fabulous show
Allison, 08 Mar 2023
A sensory assault which was amazing!
Joyce, 05 Mar 2023
Must see!
Didn’t quite know what to expect music wise Good to be warned not to sing along til the end Wow! What a spectacular performance by all who worked on this Production. Definitely the very best musical that we have ever seen and I will definitely come back to enjoy all over again. Thank you for a brilliant afternoon’s entertainment 😊💃🏻
sally, 01 Mar 2023
Great show
Great show , In every aspect from bar staff to sercurity to a absolutely fantastic show A must see.
Ian, 26 Feb 2023
the show was delightful! singing, acting, scenography were refined in every detail. stunning! Worth every penny.
Gabriela, 23 Feb 2023